• DAF Plant (Water Treatment)

      The Control of A Dissolved Air Flotation Plant for the treatment of effluent from a food production facility. The control includes the levels from an intake balance tank, scrapers and 2 sludge tanks for the waste solids. The control of the flow of the outgoing treated water. All operator input is from a touch screen HMI. The plant is fully automatic and includes an automatic restart after the emptying of the sludge tanks and voice alarms over telephones during unmanned operation.

    • Density Measurement station

      The programming and control of a density measurement table, which used the analogue value from a gamma radiation sensor to detect the density of automotive padding for exhaust components. The system was controlled by HMI and PLC. The number of samples and the direction would be entered into the HMI in the form of a set of parameters. The motors are inverter controlled with encoders for detecting the actual position of the head.

    • Chemical Mixing System

      A batch production facility for the mixing of chemicals to a set of parameters. The system includes manual override on all valves and pumps, graphical representation of the mixer on the touch screen HMI, with all parts of the system connected via Ethernet. Interlocking so that the chemicals cannot cross contaminate and make sure that the required chemicals are added in the correct order, even when done manually.

    • Facilities Information System

      The system required using a PLC and SCADA system to gather information from various parts of the services supplying a local dairy. The information gathered was presented on the SCADA system in a set of trends that could be historically replayed to show where a problem had occurred. The system monitored steam flow and pressure to the plant as well as water levels in the various silos. A set of alarms would be transmitted to the SCADA system for display and recording.

    • Segamat Paper Log Saw

      The re-automation of a saw to cut the logs of rolled paper into sizes to be sold by wholesalers. This involved replacing the obsolete PLC and Drives with a more modern servo driven system. The system consisted of a touch screen HMI for recipe and settings as well as basic operation, this connected to an Ethernet ready system which connected to the servo drives via CAN open protocol. A conversion of the original program was undertaken, prior to modifications to the recipe handling and PLC code to simplify operation.